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Within the NEUROTECH framework there is an educational initiative on neuromorphic engineering. As the "Neuromorphic engineering" field is receiving increasing importance worldwide, the interest in learning about the field is rising rapidly. However, there is little information and educational material available online. Our aim is to fill this gap with a series of virtual colloquia, each revolving around a specific aspect of the neuromorphic engineering field. In each colloquium, a small number of experts on neuromorphic engineering will answer a specific “question of the day” with a short pitch, followed by a live discussion on the topic, with a moderator and questions from the audience.

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The 2022 Educational program would be a collection of Tutorials by the experts in different aspect of the neuromorphic field. 

The tutorial is planned for the third Thursday of each month for one year at around 3-4 PM (CET) and it will last 1h and a half. Each tutorial will be an in depth explanation on a different topic followed by questions from the audience.

Our goal is to collect educational material by recording the pitches, which could be used by students and researchers as a reference to start learning about the field. We plan to record the tutorial and make the videos available to the community through a dedicated SwitchTube (or Youtube) channel. 



23 June, 2022, 3 PM CEST

Spiking Control Systems

Tutorial Day 3

Educational Tutorial Series

Rodolphe Sepulchre
Professor of Engineering,
University of Cambridge

Latest Event

24 March, 2022, 3 PM CET

Evolutionary Optimization for Neuromorphic Systems

Tutorial Day 2

Educational Tutorial Series

Catherine Schuman
Assistant Professor,
University of Tennessee

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On our References page you will find a curated list of resources our speakers and the consortium recommend:



NEUROTECH Educational Team

Chiara Bartolozzi

Principal investigator

Elisa Donati


Sabina Spiga

Principal investigator


Tifenn Hirtzlin

Melika Payvand



Michael Schmuker

Principal investigator